Superpower your fleet

Lower your fleet costs overnight, get rid of paperwork, predict maintenance issues before they even happen and always get to where you need to go with one tap of your thumb.

How it works

Optimize your fleet size

Thumbeo looks at your fleet’s usage and optimizes your fleet operation based on demand, costs, and availability of mobility alternatives for you and your employees.

Lower your downtime

Whether it’s commuting, carrying goods or delivering services, Thumbeo looks at whether more people could share a ride and optimizes your scheduling.

Reduce your maintenance costs

With just an app, Thumbeo helps you manage your scheduled maintenance and even predicts when your vehicles will need assistance even before you know it.

One App + the friendliest back-office you’ve ever experienced

Book a vehicle

Pre-book the right vehicle for your needs, know it’ll be there when you need it.

Find a ride

Save money and time by joining someone going your way or ship goods along with theirs.

Report issues and get assistance

Report issues and get assistance whenever you’re having trouble with your company vehicle. Take pictures and store evidence for insurance purposes.


Track mobility expenses

Keep track of mileage, parking, tolls, gas, and extraordinary repairs, keep a trip log and save on warranty and insurance premiums.

Get rewarded for eco-friendly behaviour

Get rewards for saving money and engaging in eco-friendly behaviour: share rides, save fuel, drive responsibly and use alternative means of mobility when they’re available.

White-label & Scalable

White-label platform totally customizable and scalable to fit all the enterprise needs.

Timely maintenance and assistance alerts

Always know when it’s time to take your vehicle to the shop, or when we’ve detected a high likelihood of faulty behaviour.

Expenditure management

Track all your mobility expenses in a single place and get recommendations on how to sustainably save up to 30% of your recurring fleet costs.

Get vehicle quotes on demand

If you need extra capacity, Thumbeo will source the right provider with the touch of a button.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing tools

ERP, CRM, Navigation systems and other enterprise tooling, we integrate all the major players for you so you don’t need to care about any of the technical stuff.

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Try our platform now!

Not ready to commit to changing your entire fleet management system just yet?

No worries, just use our employee app. Everyone at your company can shar and ask for a carpool, receive mobility benefits and credits, track and expense their work trips and combine their shipments when colleagues are heading the right way.


Share more rides

Coworkers can schedule regular rides, know when people are headed their way and ask for rides whenever they need them.

Optimize your fleet size

Thumbeo’s algorithm looks at your fleet usage and optimizes your fleet size and costs given the type of trips you make, the vehicles in your park and any financial or tax incentives.

Up to 30% fuel savings

Thumbeo’s app looks at how to optimize fuel expenditure, rewards employees who spend less and ensures that every drop is accounted for.

Saves you money on maintenance

Thumbeo’s machine learning platform helps you keep track of your maintenance needs and predicts when your vehicles’ components are failing to help you save money and time in lengthy repairs.

A network of trusted drivers and mobility providers

Whenever you need to rent or contract a mobility service provider, Thumbeo helps you manage the entire process and find the best quote available within minutes.

Works with your existing tools

Our platform integrates with your existing GPS trackers, vehicle monitoring devices, ERP tools and calendar applications.

Make the most of unused vehicles

Thumbeo also helps you monetise your unused fleet, either by leasing it, renting it, or selling it, all insured by the Thumbeo platform.

Monitor your drivers

Thumbeo Corporate helps you monitor your driver's rides unlocking a powerful and centralized way of rewarding the best drivers on the fleet.


By understanding the overflow in your fleet you can create a carpooling system within the organization.


Simply choose the plan that best suits your needs and provide the information required.
We do not even require a credit card.

Free Plan

Our free plan allows full access to our platform for employees

Your employees will be able to carpool, book rides in your existing fleet and track their expenses, transported goods, and services provided.
For fleets up to 20 vehicles only.

Free trial


For everyone else up to 200 vehicles

You can see how can save from Thumbeo Corporate and how our business model works by using the simulator below.

Enterprise Plan

More than 200 vehicles?

More than 200 vehicles? No worries, just give us a shout to learn about our Enterprise Plans.

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